Warranty Terms & Conditions

“Mia Air” Air Purifier

Effective as of 01 July 2020


The “Mia Air” air purifier shall be covered under our warranty policy for 2 years on all parts/labor, thereby starting from the commissioning date. This warranty covers (*) “Mia Air” against any defect or failure that occurs within the warranty period if and only if:

1. The failure or defect occurs under the normal operating conditions described in the instruction manual.

2. Customer has followed all instructions and recommendations as described in the manual and supporting
documentation provided by Mikropor.

3. This warranty is provided by Mikropor to all its authorized air purifier distributors and to the end user. This warranty is not transferable to a third party.
The following conditions or items described below void the warranty on “Mia Air” air purifier;

  • The “Mia Air” is not installed according to the factory requirements described in the instruction manual.
  • The “Mia Air” is operated outside the recommended parameters of its operational guidelines.
  • The “Mia Air” operates in a severe environment where any of the following conditions, as described in the instruction
    manual, may be present:
    a. Abnormal Voltage
    b. Excessively High Ambient Temperature
    c. High Dust or Chemical Environment
    d. Oil and/or Oil Mists

4. The “Mia Air” is modified in any way without engineering consent from Mikropor.

5. Failure to observe the “Mia Air” air purifier caution instructions described in the instruction manual.

6. Failure to perform the recommended inspection and service intervals described in the instruction manual.

7. The “Mia Air” fails due to natural occurrences (e.g., fire, earthquake or flood).

8. The “Mia Air” consumable parts are not replaced in accordance with the proper service time intervals.

9. Failure to follow the Mikropor warranty procedure.

10. The “Mia Air is used as industrial dust collector.

* NOTE – Mikropor warranty does NOT cover:
Your “Mia Air” product is designed and built for indoor use only. The guarantee will be void if the product is installed or
used in commercial or non-residential outdoors. The guarantee is applicable only to new products. Mikropor disclaims any liability for incidental or consequential damages. The guarantee does not in anyway diminish your statutory or legal rights.