It is an air purifier having HEPA and Activated carbon filters. It purifies air from dust, Volatile organic compounds, pollen, allergens, pet dander, odor of smoke and micro-organisms including SARS, Covid19 (MERS) etc. and provides a healthy environment to live in. It can absorb Benzene, Formaldehyde, Ethyl-Alcohol, Toluene, Xylene etc.

The readily available colors are Anthracite (AP-101-AN), White (AP-101-WH) and Red (AP-101-Red).

Yes. MIA Air purifier is SE and ISO 12100:2010 Certified. Filters used in machine are EN1822 certified.

The types of filters used in MIA AIR are High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filter H13 or H14 with activated carbon filter.

Yes, H14 pass upto 0.005% of 0.1 micron/litre of Air whereas H13 pass upto 0.05% of 0.1 micron/litre of air.

Filters should be replaced in every 12 months but it depends upon the usage of MIA Air purifier and surrounding environment as well.

No, they are advised to replace after 12 months depending upon the usage.

There is filter change indicator in MIA Air purifier. Light switches on when it is time to change the filter.

When it is time to change filters, mobile app allows you to order it online with single click or you can order through website mia-air.com.pk.

Particulate Matter (PM1, PM2.5 and PM10), Volatile organic compounds, Carbon dioxide, humidity and temperature.

Mia Air purifier can be used in all environments where healthy air is required for example, hospitals, workplaces, homes, schools etc.

Mia Air has the ability to clean the room of 100 meters square (1075 sqft) on average of 2 times per hour.

The clean air delivery rate of Mia Air purifier is 600 meters cube/hour. Let’s say if you have area of 50m2 having height of 3 meters then its volume will be 150 meters cube and it will clean it within 15 minutes. 300 cubic meter in 30 minutes and 600 cubic meters in 1 hour. For example, a general room with dimensions of 10×12 with 12 feet of height, it will be cleaned in 4 minutes, and a room with 30×16 with 12 feet height will be cleaned in 16 minutes.

90-610 m3/h with 6 speed levels

53-360 cubic feet per minute (cfm) with 6 speed levels.

Yes, Energy consumption of Mia air is 25-105 watts.

Deactivation ratio of micro-organisms within 1st hour of contact 99.98% with anti-mic coated HEPA filters.

It is advised to clean/change front filters monthly. Look for any possible damage before installing the filter.

There are basically five modes used in device i.e. Auto, Turbo, Economical, Silent and Manuel. On Manuel mode you can adjust speed levels according to your need with +- Sign.

No, the maximum noise produced by MIA Air Purifier is 65dB. On silent mode, the noise is minimized till 25dB.

The MIA Air mobile app provides instant information on ambient air quality and filter life, and provides access to all parameters related to the device.

Yes, Prices are inclusive of tax.

Yes, 2 years warranty on all parts/labors. Terms and conditions applied.

Yes, Mia air provides warranty to all the distributors. They can register themselves via our website but for warranty claim distributor should provide with the serial number and end user information.

We don’t recommend Mia Air Purifier to be used as Industrial Dust Collector.  No warranty is applicable on such application of device.

Warranty automatically starts which purchase of the product and the date of invoice of product purchase. Customer should register themselves through our website using serial number of device so that he/she can access warranty status, operating hours, warranty status etc. for future access.

Mia Air purifier will be delivered on site requested by Buyer or Client.

Cash Transfer, Online Bank transfer, Online Purchase through by credit/debit card (American Express, Master, JCB, Pay Pak, Union Pay, Visa) OR POS machines, DD.

Name, Email address, contact number, delivery address, CNIC/NTN/Passport. We need NTN so that we can provider GST invoice in favor of buyer. You can claim GST/VAT

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